Tommy Robinson, the Alt-lite, Cambridge Analytica, Staged Terror & the Clash of Civilizations

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, radio presenter Richie Allen talks about the subject of Facts vs Feelings. In the video he uses Alt-lite figure Tommy Robinson as his main example for explaining how people’s feelings regarding certain personalities and/or narratives often conflict with facts, leading to a cult of personality and which ultimately keep people immersed in the same old political paradigms and trapped within the system. I’ve previously given my views on Robinson and the Alt-lite here and will expand on them below.

The Alt-lite, of which Robinson is a part, is essentially a band of Zionists who have risen to prominence in the alternative media sphere in order to act as an Israel/Zionism supporting controlled opposition that seeks to divert it’s audience away from the Jewish and Zionist forces behind things like mass-migration, Cultural Marxism and the Kalergi Plan, and to focus solely on blaming Muslims and Leftists for all of society’s ills. The rise to prominence of this sub-group of what is often labelled the New-Right or Alt-Right, was essentially the work of former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon (Zionist) and financier Robert Mercer (Zionist), and aided by the British Intelligence connected data mining firm Cambridge Analytica. This organisation evolved from UK Military Psy-ops firm SCL and was utilised to help get Donald Trump elected in 2016. One researcher who has done good work exposing the heavily manipulated and contrived nature of the Alt-lite is Neil Sanders, and I recommend everyone at the very least read part 1 of his series on Cambridge Analytica. Although he doesn’t use the term “Alt-lite”, that is essentially what he’s talking about in his piece. In it he explains that Cambridge Analytica’s methodology for harvesting data and spreading information designed to influence public opinion was considered to be a psychological weapon by the British Government:

…I have discovered that the tactics of Cambridge Analytica were under export control by the UK Government and considered a psychological weapon, not to be deployed without consultation and that Robert Mercers tentacles go even further than I had previously thought. The first point was exposed by Former Cambridga Analytica employee Brittany Kaiser also told the recent committee investigating the actions of the company, that she had seen documents in which Nigel Oakes, the co-founder of the SCL Group, and the head of its defence division, revealed the company’s audience-targeting methodology was for several years “export-controlled by the British government”. “That would mean that the methodology was considered a weapon,” she said. “Weapons-grade communications tactics – which means we had to tell the British government if that was going to be deployed in another country outside the United Kingdom.”

Regarding the rise of Right-wing media (i.e. the Alt-lite) he explains:

Breitbart is financed by elites, Rebel Media is financed by elites and therefore their stars [Tommy] Robinson, Southern, Loomer, Bannon, Yannapopolous etc are also financed by elites. Richard Spencer is financed by the elites. The Daily Caller is financed by the elites. Dave Rubin is financed by the elites. Ben Shapiro is financed by the elites. Candace Owens is financed by the elites. Cambridge Analytica is financed by the elites and a tool of elements of the UK Government.

You may not care and you may still believe what these people and outlets say, fair enough, but again, the fact that these entities are owned and promoted by extremely wealthy people with links to the military, government and establishment of both UK and USA, who obviously have their own agendas, gives me pause for concern.

He ultimately concludes that:

There is a company called Cambridge Analytica that bypasses democracy and covertly influences elections all over the globe with the combination of social media, fake news and military psychological warfare tactics, specifically creating artificial enemies to rally against.

They have connections to the MOD, British Military Intelligence, Mi5, Mi6, The US State Department and the British establishment. The tactics used by SCL are considered a weapon and are under export control by the British Government.

They use tactics alarmingly similar to established GCHQ programs like JTRIG and US Military and Intelligence operations designed to influence behaviour via social media and affect mood.

They are owned and or financed by mysterious far right billionaires and millionaires that have a white supremacist ideology. They also finance several arms of alternative media and appear to be trying to normalise far right propaganda by spreading it through the alternative media.

They are also connected to various data mining and monitoring companies that are part of the ever expanding total information control grid.

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

I have a couple of quibbles with some of Sanders’ interpretations and opinions on certain things but his research (in terms of the dry facts and connections) on the contrived nature of the Alt-lite I feel is sound. In short, where Sanders sees “white supremacist” motivations, I see Zionist infiltrators acting as a fifth column within the Right of politics to push the elite’s overall agenda (which I’ll get to later). One of the main roles of this gaggle of alt-media interlopers is to try and control Right-wing discourse and keep it pro-Israel. Another role is to immerse it’s followers in the culture war which is designed to keep everyone at each other’s throats and distract them from the real Masonic/Banker puppet-masters who are behind the state of Israel and the New World Order project.

With regards to Tommy Robinson, I would go further than Richie Allen does in his video and state that in my opinion Robinson is a contrived character. The conspiracy researcher Joseph Atwill coined the term “Lifetime Actor” to describe such people. One excellent example of a Lifetime Actor would be the famous American feminist Gloria Steinem who was exposed as an asset of the CIA pushing feminism on behalf of the agency. The counter culture scene of the 1960s was full of Lifetime Actors pushing LSD and hedonism for the elite social engineers who sought to destroy traditional values (see here, here and here). Lifetime Actors are those who serve the system as archetypal figures for a particular view or movement within society. They operate in all areas which might have an effect on public perception such as politics, art, sport, and entertainment. These people will often get a lot of attention in the mainstream media (something which Robinson certainly gets plenty of). In my opinion, Robinson and the Radical Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary are both intelligence assets and Lifetime Actors and are probably part of the very same operation being run by either Israeli or British intelligence, or both. Both characters emerged on the public scene at around the same time and in the same area and have no doubt been crafted to play off each other. Choudary has also been given a substantial mainstream media platform over the years.

There is still much mystery surrounding who Robinson actually is. As one blogger going by the name Burning Blogger Of Bedlam put it in an article about Robinson’s recent release from prison (if that’s where he really was):

Remember that this is all a script. And always remember that very strange thing the judge said to ‘Tommy’ in one of his previous trials in 2013: where the judge called Tommy’s ‘Paul Harris’ passport his “real passport”, but then jailed him under the name of ‘Stephen Yaxley Lennon’ – and then implied that his “real name” might never be known inside the public realm.

Yeah, nothing suspect about that.

Robinson also seems to have a knack of being in the right place at the right time to push his agenda. In another article Burning Blogger of Bedlam writes:

And, as I noted after that same Westminster Bridge attack (almost certainly a state-enabled false-flag), it is more than curious that Tommy Robinson and his Israeli-funded ‘Rebel Media’ crew just HAPPENED to be present on the scene at Westminster Bridge right as the attack occurred.

Seriously? What are the chances that Robinson and his Internet media group would just HAPPEN to be in Westminster making a video about the threat of Islamist terrorism and the urgent need for “patriots” to rise up and do something about it – just as an alleged Islamist terror attack actually happens?

He was also, months later, in Manchester in time for the Arianna Grande concert bombing (carried out by a member of one of the British-sponsored jihadist groups who waged war on Gaddafi in Libya) – Tommy Robinson seems to have a prophetic knack for being in the right place at the right time.

This reminds me of the German photographer, Richard Gutjahr, who just happened to be at the site of the Nice truck attack in France in 2016 and then Just happened to be at the scene of the Munich shopping mall attack a week later, capturing footage of both. Gutjahr’s wife works for Israeli intelligence and is a former member of the Israeli parliament (see here).

This leads to the topic of manufactured terrorism, often referred to as false-flag terrorism. This is an issue that the Alt-lite – and even much of the Alt-right – doesn’t like to discuss as it doesn’t fit the narrative they like to push. It is a big topic but I’m going to try and summarize it as briefly as I can. Terrorism is largely manufactured by Intelligence agencies and is, in fact, all about social engineering. US and European intelligence agencies have a history of false-flag terrorism during the Cold War with Operation Gladio and Israel are no strangers to the strategy either. For the skeptics out there it should be kept in mind that the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, in 1962, drew up Operation Northwoods, a plan to carry out a string of false-flag events to be blamed on Cuba. This strategy is very real and part of the toolkit of those in power.

There will be people out there who are infected by radical ideologies and commit acts of violence of their own accord, but most of the big terror spectacles such as 9/11, 7/7, the Boston Marathon bombings, and the 2015 Paris Attacks (as well as many others others) are obvious intelligence operations. Those events all coincided with drills and exercises which mirrored the actual events that took place. The odds of this will be astronomical and they are not the only cases (see drills for 9/11, 7/7, Paris, Boston). Drills provide a legitimate cover for those involved in planning the operation and can also rope in unwitting participants. In the case of 9/11 they were clearly used to create confusion and hamper a response. Another tell tale sign of a manufactured terror event is that the terrorists turn out to be “known wolves,” meaning they were well known to authorities and under surveillance (see examples here, here, here, here, the list could go on forever) This surveillance often gets conveniently dropped just prior to the terror rampage. Also rather conveniently, passports and IDs are often found at the scene for quick and easy identification of the assailants, this speeds up the roll out of the official narrative. This applies to events such as 9/11, 7/7, Charlie Hebdo, Paris, Nice, and Berlin (see here).

Often what actually takes place isn’t what the elite controlled media reports. To give a few brief examples:

  • In the 7/7 London bombings it is most likely that military grade explosives were underneath the trains and that the men blamed for the attacks – who probably believed they were involved in a terror drill – were not even on the trains or the bus (see here and here). At least some of the alleged bombers were probably shot and killed outside the HSBC building near Canary Wharf that morning.
  • As crazy as it may sound, the Boston marathon bombing was likely a drill portrayed to the public as a real event complete with controlled explosions and crisis actors (see the extensive work of David McGowan here and here). Witnesses spoke of announcements about a drill in progress with one announcement allegedly captured on video. The remnants of the backpack bombs didn’t match the bags carried by the suspects but did match those of bags carried by private security types photographed at the scene (see here). One of the alleged bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnev, was almost certainly taken alive and healthy by police only for the public to be told he had been accidentally run over and killed by his brother during the police chase. In a rather strange incident, one of Tamerlan Tsarnev’s friends was gunned down in his home by the FBI who were questioning him about his relationship with Tsarnev. They claimed he had a knife but later admitted he was unarmed.
  • In the case of the Paris attacks, a witness account which was reported in The Mirror the following day described one of the restaurant shooters as white, extremely muscular and clean shaven. In describing the gang the witness stated “They looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation.” This is suggestive of other players being involved, possibly special forces types who could be relied on to do the job right and achieve the required death toll. Author of 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism, Webster Tarpley, referrs to these sort of operatives as the “professional killers” who form part of a false-flag schematic along with “Patsies” (those who take the fall) and “Moles” (Deep State insiders).

The purpose of false-flag terror is to frighten the public into accepting the gradual creation of an international police state and mass surveillance grid. One of the characters that Neil Sanders brings up in his research is Pamela Geller. This zionist witch was responsible, along with Zionist Geert Wilders, for organising the “Draw Mohammed” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas in 2015. This event was attacked by two radical Islamists, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi. It would later emerge that Simpson was egged on by an FBI operative who had sent him a text message telling him to “tear up Texas.” This undercover FBI agent was even present at the scene as the shooting began. This event was an obvious Deep State stunt just as most other high-profile terror events are. The FBI in particular has become notorious for it’s manufacturing of terror plots using paid informants to coax patsies into plotting acts of terror, even offering the targets large amounts of cold hard cash as an incentive (a quarter of a million dollars in the case of the Newburgh Four). Mostly they bust these patsies and reap the PR benefits, whilst on other occasions they allow attacks to go ahead, as in the case of Garland, which was ultimately thwarted by local cops who shot the attackers before they could do too much harm. Another likely example of this kind of thing is the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016. Of course, security agencies never admit to allowing terror events to occur but on the entrapment issue one former FBI Assistant Director, Thomas Fuentes, admitted on camera that the idea behind these type of operations is to “keep fear alive.” It certainly won’t just be the FBI that engages in this type of terror creation, they are just the agency that seems to get exposed the most.

Far from trying to eradicate Jihadi terror networks, intelligence agencies and Deep State actors covertly maintain and support them and use them as mercenary forces against countries they wish to destabilise. Anjem Choudray made himself very useful as a recruiter of Jihadi fighters to be used in such geopolitical shenanigans. Meanwhile the “security” agencies also allow (and often shepherd) attacks by these Jihadists on home soil to help forward the police state agenda. The Manchester Arena attack seems to fit this profile. The Alt-lite doesn’t like to discuss the relationship between terror events, terrorists, and intelligence agencies as it complicates their narrative which puts Islam front and centre as the number one threat to society. The reality of manipulated terror exposes them for the peddlers of lies and half truths that they are. People like Robinson serve the system by propping up the elite’s phony “war on terror” narrative which is designed to enslave us all.

Now, I can’t prove that Robinson or Choudray are Intelligence assets or Lifetime Actors, but I would be incredibly surprised if they weren’t. Of course, there’s more than enough proof out there to show that Robinson is a Zionist shill, which is bad enough really, but I very strongly suspect he’s more than just that. Recently he had lunch at Westminster with UKIP’s Lord Pearson and UKIP leader Gerard Batten. Also present at this lunch, according to the Mail Online, was Arch-Zionist Ezra Levant, founder of Alt-lite outlet Rebel Media. I very much suspect that Robinson is being groomed for some sort of future political role. He is promoted by the exact same Zionist/Alt-lite network that brought us Donald Trump. Rebel Media is funded by Gatestone Media which is funded by Zionist Robert Mercer. Neil Sanders covers the Zionist forces behind Gatestone Media writing:

John Bolton [big-time Neocon] sits on the board Gatestone Media. He was the architect of the war on terror and now the National Security Advisor. The main owner of Gatestone is Nina Rosenwald who is the heiress to Sears. Nina Rosenwald was, in 2003, a recipient of the Louis Brandeis Award, given by the Zionist Organization of America for her pro-Israel advocacy. Rebecca Mercer [daughter of Robert] also helps fund Gatestone Media via her family foundation. Funding for Gatestone also comes from the MEF (Middle East Forum) a hard line, conservative pro-Israel think tank.

Robert Mercer also finances Rebel Media. Rebel media employs Tommy Robinson, Lauren Southern and Laura Loomer all of whom are right wing antagonists that are scant with the facts. Most of these people have at some point been promoted by Breitbart or Infowars.

Writing at a time when Robinson was (supposedly) in prison, Sanders points out that Robinson is also financed:

…via the David Horowitz Freedom Center which is financed by Robert Shillman who is a board member for Friends of Israel’s Defence Forces. Robert Shillman also provides funding for Rebel Media. Nina Rosenwald, the heiress to Sears, also funds James O Keefe and Project Veritable. Geert Wilders, the Dutch far right antagonist is also financed by the David Horowitz Freedom Centre. The MEF helps fund Tommy Robinsons legal team (he is currently in jail for breach of bail conditions – he jeopardised a trial by filming the defendants specifically against court orders). According to MEF, the organisation is also “sponsoring and organising the second ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ gathering in London on July 14”. The statement was signed by MEF Director Gregg Roman, who has previously “worked in Israel’s Defence and Foreign Ministries”. MEF President Daniel Pipes, meanwhile, has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Centre as an “anti-Muslim activist”.

I’m not saying Robinson will necessarily reach the level of Donald Trump but I suspect the strategy for his insertion into the political arena will be similar. He would be promoted as a renegade maverick and take a pro-Israel/anti-Islam line whilst acting as a pied piper for the disenfranchised British native. His supporters will exclaim that he is “telling it like it is” and “speaking the truth” etc etc, and they will lap it up like he’s some sort of genuine enemy of the system. He is the system. The system promotes him. The way the mainstream media follows and publicizes his every move should be a huge red flag.

I can’t say for sure what Lord Pearson, Gerard Batten and Robinson’s game is; whether it’s to foment a pro-Zionist, Islam bashing, fake-grass-roots populist movement, or whether they perhaps just plan to use Robinson’s negative public image to kill off UKIP and protect the status quo, i.e. the two party Tory/Labour dominance of UK politics (a theory I’ve heard proposed). I strongly suspect that it’s the former. The fact that other popular Alt-lite figures such as Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad, and Milo Yianoppolous have also recently joined UKIP seems to add weight the idea. Whatever they are up to it has lots of cash and Zionist elites behind it.

One thing I do know is that Robinson plays exceedingly well into the elite’s “clash of civilizations” narrative. This thesis was formulated in the early 90s by Neocon Samuel Huntington and talks about the future of conflict involving “The West vs The Rest”, but in particular Islam. I said in my previous post on Donald Trump that the agenda of the elite is to rule the world from Jerusaem and build the Third Temple (see here, here, here and here). The elite is running an End Times script and exploiting the Messianic beliefs of Jews and Evangelical Christians to forward their agenda. The rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple is also an important principle within Freemasonry. Many Masons believe Freemasonry to be the continuation of the Knights Templar who’s very name is a reference to the Temple. This Temple must be built where the Al-aqsa Mosque currently sits. If the Mosque is destroyed or the Zionists make a play for the land, the inevitable result is war between Islam and Zionism. The elites know this and are counting on it. The chess pieces are being put into position; the Western countries are to line up behind Israel while Russia is to be the defender of the Arab/Islamic nations, probably along with China. Out of this third world war will emerge – or so the elites expect – a New World Order (global governance); created under the pretext of ending war once and for all. A war between Israel/US against Iran could also be a spark for igniting WW3. In 1962 the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion stated that one day Jerusalem would house the “supreme court of mankind” as part of a “world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars.” He stated that this was all “prophesied by Isaiah.” The Masonic/Banker elite created the movement of Zionism to serve this dastardly plan.

The Clash Of Civilizations/WW3 narrative requires both Islamic hate preachers as well as anti-Islamic hate preachers. The likes of Choudary and Robinson are agent provocateurs who’s role is to create the relevant tension between Islam and the West and indoctrinate their respective flocks into the appropriate mindset for what’s coming. Because of the elite’s desire to see the end of nations, this coming conflict is meant to also tear nations apart from within. In Europe they have undermined national cohesion through mass migration (which has included many Muslims) and ultimately seek to set everyone against one another. They are setting up the war to end all wars. The Saudi Royals are major sponsors of radical Islam and Wahabbi indoctrination around the world and were placed into power by the Masonic/Banker elite via their control of the British Empire. The House of Saud are servants of the elite and handle much of the Islamic end of this strategy of tension. As the agenda unfolds, expect to see an increase in manufactured “Right-wing” terrorism to increase the tension between the Right and Islam and also between the Right and the Left. Right-wing terrorists such as the Norway bomber/shooter, Anders Breivik (another event featuring a drill), and Dylan Roof, the Charleston church shooter (another drill), appear to be examples of this.

There is a notion peddled on the Right that the elite works through the Left. On the Left they peddle the idea that the elite operates through the Right. It’s both! People seriously need to wise up and realise two important things, firstly; there is a global elite looking to create a New World Order, and second; that this elite makes use of both Left and Right (as well as other ideologies) to forward their plans. Many different ideologies are used as tools and work in tandem with each other to lead us towards certain ends. The Left is a tool, the Right is a tool, Marxism is a tool, radical Islam is a tool etc. One of the elite’s main tools is Zionism. The Alt-lite is a tool of Zionism and engenders in it’s followers the “Clash of Civilisations” mentality, and Robinson looks to be trying to take the Alt-lite mainstream in the UK via UKIP. This is very worrying.

Below is Neil Sanders’ appearence on The Richie Allen Show where he discusses his work on Cambridge Analytica and the rise of the Alt-Lite (mp3 available here). I don’t think Sanders fully grasps the full nature what he’s dug up, but he’s definitely done good work exposing this particular segment of alternative media for the contrived, elite backed sham that it is. Also see his original blog post here:

In the video below, Neil Sanders has an in depth chat with Richard D Hall about Cambridge Analytica and social media manipulation:

UPDATE: Neil Sanders recently went back onto The Richie Allen Show for a follow up discussion (mp3 here):